About this blog

girl_dinosaur Darwin’s Kidney’s is a science and philosophy blog site.  We’ll explore a variety of science topics from molecular biology, evolution, chemistry, astrobiology, physics, astronomy, and philosophy of science, and will usually try to approach the topic from an unusual angle.  My goal is to promote science, and critical thinking.  I hope to inspire enthusiasm for learning about our world.  Some posts may be speculative, but I’ll always make it clear when we are leaving the realm of well established scientific facts and moving into uncharted territory.  Darwin may occasionally come up from time to time as we look at issues related to evolution, and kidneys may occasionally come up because that is my speciality, but for the most part, all areas of science and technology are fair game.  I hope you enjoy this site.

All pictures on this site are either my own, or they are licensed for reuse.

You can follow me on twitter at Rich Feldenberg

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