Origins Saturday: Origin of America!

by Rich Feldenberg Today, in honor of Independence Day weekend, we will do something slightly different with Origins Sunday.  For one thing we are temporarily converting it into Origins Saturday so it can coincide with Independence Day.  As a critical thinker it is important not to be rigid in your thinking, but to remain flexible so as to adjust to ever changing conditions – but that’s a topic for another time. In this episode of Origins, we also diverge from the usual topic of life’s origins, and instead will show the origins of the North American continent, and the place we now call The United States of America.  Today is the 239th birthday of the USA (happy birthday America), but the land mass that we live on is much older than that, and has been apart of other supercontinents in the distant past.  Below, you can see the distribution of the present day continents placed over the supercontinent Pangea. Pangea

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